Pet Radiology

Our specialty lies in pet radiology in Mississauga, ON, using advanced X-ray technology to ensure your pet receives exceptional and precise care.

Capturing the Invisible, Revealing the Extraordinary

Pet radiology is an art form that enables us to see beyond the surface and explore the inner workings of your pet’s body. Our state-of-the-art radiology equipment lets us capture detailed images, providing valuable insights into your pet’s health. From diagnosing hidden fractures to identifying internal abnormalities, our highly trained radiologists utilize their expertise to unlock the secrets beneath the skin.

Pet Radiology in Mississauga, ON

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Unveiling the Benefits for Your Pet


Early Detection, Life-Saving Interventions: Pet radiology is a crucial tool for early disease and injury detection. We can intervene promptly by identifying potential health concerns before they progress, potentially saving your pet’s life. Whether spotting tumours, locating the source of unexplained discomfort, or assessing organ conditions, our comprehensive radiology services enable us to take proactive measures for your pet’s well-being.


Pinpoint Precision, Informed Treatment: When it comes to diagnostics, X-rays offer unparalleled precision and accuracy. Our state-of-the-art X-ray technology and experienced team allow us to capture high-resolution images, leading to accurate diagnoses. Whether your pet suffers from orthopedic issues or internal ailments, our pet radiology services provide essential insights for informed treatment plans and improved outcomes.


Minimally Invasive, Maximum Relief: X-ray technology eliminates the need for invasive procedures, minimizing stress for your pet while maximizing the effectiveness of the diagnosis. Our non-invasive imaging techniques ensure that your beloved companion experiences minimal discomfort or risk during the diagnostic process. This approach fosters a positive experience for you and your pet, strengthening the bond with our clinic.

Experience the Difference

At Arc Animal Hospital, we are passionate about the well-being of your four-legged family members. Our commitment to providing exceptional pet radiology services in Mississauga, Ontario, stems from our genuine love for animals and our dedication to advancing veterinary care. When you choose us, you are selecting a team that not only understands the emotional connection between you and your pet but also utilizes the latest technology to deliver unmatched results.

Give Your Pet the Gift of Unseen Care

By harnessing the power of pet radiology, we can uncover hidden health issues and help your pet live their best life. Trust Arc Animal Hospital as your partner in care, and together, we will unlock the extraordinary for your beloved companion. Schedule a consultation with our expert team today and discover the difference pet radiology can make in your pet’s life.