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Meet the veterinarians & team of Arc Animal Hospital. We’re pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets.

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Our Veterinarians

Dr Ehab Hanna

Dr. Ehab Hanna


His canine companions, Sugar and Nile. Eating salad, Starbucks coffee, and energizing gym sessions.

Personal Stats

Dr. Hanna originates from Egypt and later moved to Canada in 1996. Besides his dedicated work, he finds joy in spending quality time with his wife and three children.

Where You Can Find Him

At the gym, in his office hiding from his practice manager, or creating heartwarming connections in the exam room with each of his patients.


Eating unhealthy foods and mice.

Professional Stats

Graduating from Assuit University in Egypt laid the groundwork for his career. He started by tending to the needs of large animals, gradually honing his skills and becoming a seasoned expert in small animal medicine over the span of 25 dedicated years. In 2010, he achieved a significant milestone by founding his own practice, The Collegeway Animal Hospital, which quickly became a symbol of care and compassion in the community. His commitment continued in 2020 with the establishment of Arc Animal Hospital, strengthening his role as a committed caregiver in the profession.

What the Staff Loves About Him

Admired by the team for his remarkable sense of humour, which turns even the most challenging days into lighthearted moments, Dr. Hanna brings an air of enjoyment that uplifts everyone’s spirits. Beyond this, his unwavering passion and dedication to his clients and patients. His positive approach to medicine sparks genuine excitement among his patients during appointments. His exceptional ability to connect with animal companions adds a unique dimension to his practice, creating a remarkable bond that sets him apart.

Dr Mari Zaki

Dr. Mari Zaki


Sushi, her kids, reading books, & swimming.

Personal Stats

Dr. Mari was born in Egypt, where she spent most of her life by the Red Sea. Since 2008, she has been happily married, raising two rambunctious boys who fill her days with laughter and love. Alongside her roles as a devoted wife and mother, Dr. Mari pursued her passion for animals, becoming a compassionate veterinarian and making a positive impact in the lives of both her patients and their owners.

Favourite Part of Her Job

Performing surgeries


Unloading the dishwasher, when you need to go somewhere but it’s raining outside, amber-tinted sunglasses, and snakes.

Professional Stats

Graduated from Cairo University in Egypt with an Honours Bachelor Degree in Veterinary Medicine in 2007. Received her Licence of Veterinary Medicine with distinction from Ontario Veterinary College in 2020.

What the Staff Loves About Her

The team deeply admires Dr. Mari’s unwavering dedication to her patients, as she treats each animal with the utmost care and compassion. Her nurturing and empathetic nature extends to her colleagues, making her a reliable and approachable mentor for the team. Additionally, her infectious laughter and positive energy add joy and brightness to our workday, making her an invaluable presence in the clinic.