Pet Ultrasonography

Choose Arc Animal Hospital in Mississauga, Ontario, for pet ultrasonography services that set new standards in diagnostic imaging. Trust us to unlock a new dimension of care and provide your pet with the attention and treatment they deserve.

Delve Deep Into Your Pet’s Health

Our advanced pet ultrasonography service allows our experienced veterinarians to peer beyond the surface, offering a comprehensive view of your pet’s internal organs, tissues, and structures. With the power of high-resolution imaging technology, we can uncover hidden conditions, detect early signs of disease, and guide precise treatment plans.

Pet Ultrasonography in Mississauga, ON

Pet Ultrasound Service Image

Key Benefits for Your Pet:


Non-Invasive and Painless: Pet ultrasonography is a non-invasive procedure that eliminates the need for surgical exploration. It poses no discomfort to your pet, ensuring a stress-free experience during the diagnostic process.


Accurate Diagnosis: Using pet ultrasonography, our skilled veterinarians can accurately diagnose various conditions such as tumours, cysts, infections, organ abnormalities, and more. This empowers us to provide your pet with the most effective and targeted treatment options.


Early Detection of Disease: Early detection is vital in managing many pet health issues. Pet ultrasonography allows us to identify hidden abnormalities and catch potential health concerns before they escalate, leading to better treatment outcomes and increased chances of a full recovery.


Guidance for Surgical Procedures: In cases where surgery is necessary, pet ultrasonography helps our veterinarians precisely plan and execute procedures. This enhances safety, reduces surgical risks, and ensures optimal surgical outcomes.


Monitoring Treatment Progress: After your pet has received a diagnosis, ultrasonography enables us to monitor the progress of treatment over time. We can track the effectiveness of medications, evaluate healing processes, and adjust the treatment plan as needed.

Your Pet’s Well-Being is Our Priority

At Arc Animal Hospital, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional care that encompasses expertise, compassion, and state-of-the-art technology. Our team of highly skilled veterinarians and compassionate staff members are dedicated to improving and preserving the health and happiness of your cherished pet.

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